"Astrophysics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics"

Open data from the first and second observing runs of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo

Bayesian inference for compact binary coalescences with BILBY: validation and application to the first LIGO-Virgo gravitational-wave transient catalogue

Regression methods in waveform modeling: a comparative study

A guide to LIGO-Virgo detector noise and extraction of transient gravitational-wave signals

Narrow-band search for gravitational waves from known pulsars using the second LIGO observing run

Effects of data quality vetoes on a search for compact binary coalescences in Advanced LIGOtextquoterights first observing run

All-sky search for periodic gravitational waves in the O1 LIGO data

Calibration of the Advanced LIGO detectors for the discovery of the binary black-hole merger GW150914

Directional Limits on Persistent Gravitational Waves from Advanced LIGO's First Observing Run

Exploring the sensitivity of next generation gravitational wave detectors