Deep learning surrogate model of gravitational waves

Deep learning algorithms have the potential to dramatically improve predictive models of chirp like gravitational waves.

Gravitational waveform accuracy requirements for future ground-based detectors

We assess how accurate models of gravitations waves should be to avoid systematic errors in the measurement of the binaries' parameters.

GTWC-1, LIGO and Virgo's first catalog of gravitational-wave events

Results from the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration (LVC) for coalescing binary black holes and binary neutron stars from the GTWC-1 catalog.

Surrogate models of gravitational waves

Accelerating semi-analytic models of gravitational waves.

Numerical relativity simulations of binary black hole mergers

Numerical solutions of Einstein's equations are the only way to describe the merger accurately.

Critical collapse

Dynamical systems can have solutions which a shape that mimics itself on different scales.